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Chanson from a cabaret on Mars, this high octane wild ride is just what the urban sophisticate needs to get their party started.”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Guided by a puckish refinement and gritty ingenuity, Dumont explores the US’s double-faced tradition of welcoming diversity while wallowing in backwater closed-mindedness and mindless devotion to work and money, through a global lens and with collaborators who take everything from Yiddish poetry to pint glasses and chopsticks to make free-thinking, high-spirited songs.”

Vents Magazine

The delicate strength of Edith Piaf meets the naughty intelligence of Serge Gainsbourg, with the rhythms of Alpha Blondy that pulse through you.”

— Tristra Newyear Yeager, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Inc.

Her vocals are marvelous. Singing with equal fluency in English and French, her vocals have a passionate and eloquent way of not only conveying the intellectual meaning of the song, but also drawing the listener into Dumont’s inner world.”

Dawoud Kringle, Contributor for Doobeedoobeedoo NY Magazine

Avec une forte personnalité, un accent d’exotisme dans la voix, Dahlia est une chanteuse qu’on ne peut que remarquer. Un jeune talent qui va percer les scènes de la musique actuelle, de la world et de la fusion dans les années à venir. (Translation: With a strong personality, an exotic accent in her voice, Dahlia is a singer that you can't help but notice. A young talent who will pierce the scenes of modern, world and fusion music in the years to come.)”

Isabelle Russo, Directrice, Rivarts Productions

Her music, like her, is eclectic but at the same time strangely cohesive – a rollercoaster ride of moods and emotions that is always wonderfully evocative.”

Andre Spiteri

Dahlia’s music is charmingly French with a uniquely modern feel that can feel simultaneously fresh and vintage...It’s the perfect mix, just enough of the reggae rhythms, just enough of the allure of the accordion and Dahlia’s lilting and somehow also boisterous voice bringing it all together.”

Tim Daoust, Media Operations Coordinator at CNN, Voice-Over Artist

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